The First DeFi Search Engine - Vaults Information Aggregator

Finding the best available investment options across the Defi is not an easy task even for the most professional. This is a pain that will grow larger and larger as the DeFi space evolves. Finding the best place in terms of returns is far from simple, but understanding the risks is a whole other game. We are building the first DeFi search engine that will allow easy scouting and analysis of the vast available investment options across the DeFi. The search engine is our primary product, and its basic features will be open for everyone to use free forever as an open-source project. The search statistics will help us better understand how to prioritize the next vaults to be integrated into the Capella-protocol.

Every indexed protocol will be available as a search result. Indexing a protocol includes on-chain historical yield analysis and real-time monitoring of yields. Calculating APY on-chain can be tricky and therefore we will use a centralized DB on top of the protocol on-chain analysis capabilities of yields and security. In the beginning, we will manually index protocols to show as search results, but soon enough a standard interface of yield optimizing strategies protocols will be invented just as it happened with websites and html.

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