The Technology

As for 2021, around 1.3% of the entire population uses Bitcoin, and only 0.06% uses DeFi protocols. This low number derived from 3 major pains the DeFi is currently suffering from:

  1. Security - Super high risk for newcomers, people with no knowledge are afraid of DeFi due to the lack of tools to understand and manage the associated risks.

  2. Poor user experience (UX) - Decentralized applications (Dapps) UX is far from good, the reason is that applications these days are meant to interact with centralized services. The time has come to invent the next Dapp client that is built solely for interacting with decentralized services and backends with minimum friction.

  3. Intimidating entry point - The initial knowledge required is too high, in order to access DeFi protocols one must possess knowledge such as how to use a blockchain wallet software to interact with smart contracts or how to fund it.

DeFi adoption rate will increase as those problems will be solved.

Capella Finance have the solution!

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