What is Capella Finance

Capella Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization with the mission to simplify DeFi while bringing the incredible protocols being invented each day, to the front.

We are committed to impacting the DeFi space as Google search did to the internet, and provide tools every investor must have to find the best yields on any asset at any given time, maintain those yields, and control the associated risks.

The core pieces of the project - the initial protocol smart contracts, the application, and the CAPE tokenomics were all developed by the Capella Team and open source.

Eventually, the team will hand over the control over the protocol and its treasury to the community. We believe DAOs are a novel corporate governing model that enables thousands of people to be involved and take part in creating the businesses of tomorrow, and we aim to become a fully decentralized organization. However, every DAO must start as a centralized organization, while slowly evolving into a decentralized one. This is where you enter the picture.

The Capella team will continue to work on the project and expand the protocol, incentivizing as many DeFi enthusiastic to help Capella grow as fast as possible towards becoming the DeFi doorway of the world.

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