Open-sourcing Agreement

Capella Finance is an open-source protocol. All code involved in multi-signature management, contract management, and part of the design of the main funding operations is open-source. The code is audited for security.

You can browse the publicly available code on our GitHub.

Code Security Audit Report

DescriptionAuditorAudit typeDate

Capella Finance V1.01

Smart contract

Risk Consideration

Change of contractual address

When the contract address of the protocol disclosure is changed, it is possible that the contents of the protocol have been modified. These modifications may have also been generated through governance. Modified code that does not correspond to an audit report is a risk.

Change of contract Owner(s)

A change in contract owner may mean that the private key in charge of the asset is no longer secure.


The contract is set up to call a whitelist, which to a certain extent avoids flash loan attacks, scripts, and other attacks. However, If the flash loan partnerships' contract has been attacked, it will cause a limit loss depending on the authority of the governance.

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