Referral Program

Earn rewards for up to 3 levels of your referral network tree

At Capella Finance we're all about empowering users to access DeFi and give financial opportunities to their friends and community. And as a bonus, everyone can get the opportunity to earn an extra stream of income too.

How it works

With the Referral Reward Program, we offer a 3-level referral structure that allows every user to earn rewards when their referral friends earn rewards on the platform through staking/yield farming activities.

As such, after sharing your referral code, you will earn 18% of the rewards earned via staking/yield farming activities through your 1st level member connections. On top of that, when these users invite their own friends, Capella Finance will also give you 6% and 3% of the rewards received through 2nd level member and the 3rd level member connections respectively.

The period for earning is one year from the date of the first reward. To be eligible to earn from the Referral Reward Program, users will need to hold a minimum amount of CAPE tokens.

For example, John shares his referral code with Mary, which means Mary is John's 1st level referral.

Mary then refers her friend, David, by sharing her code. This makes David Mary's 1st level referral and John's 2nd level referral.

Similarly, Gary joins through David's code, so he is David's 1st level referral, Mary's 2nd level referral, and John's 3rd level referral. The referral tree continues to grow as members of the network continue to share their codes.

So, Mary, David, and Gary are all in John's network. When these referral members oh John start earning rewards from staking/yield farming activities, Capella Finance will also give John rewards with the percentages followed by the scheme accordingly. This means John will get 18% of Mary's rewards, 6% of David’ and 3% of Gary’s. Similarly, the scheme applies to everyone in the network.

Grow your network

We’re inspired by our desire to play our part in spreading the word and accelerating the mass adoption of crypto. Our Referral Reward Program helps you bring financial opportunities to your friends and community, and as a bonus, you get a steady stream of income too.

  • Easily track your earnings: View how much you earned and get real-time updated reports on your referral code’s performance under your Account’s dashboard.

  • High rewards: We offer industry-leading referral payouts, with up to 3 levels of earning potential.

  • Unlimited earnings opportunities: There are no limitations on the amount you can earn. The more people earn on Capella Finance after clicking your referral link, the more payouts you’ll receive.

  • No entry barriers: Anybody can join the Referral Reward Program and start earning immediately. Once you register on the platform, you are ready to start.

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